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Are you suffering from migraine headaches?

HempWorx CBD Oil helps many people get relief from migraines!

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HempWorx CBD Oil

Testimonies and Reviews for Migraines

Instant Relief with Hemp CBD Oil!

I have suffered from debilitating migraines for half my life now. This morning I woke up with the start of a migraine. Right away I took 5 drops of my 500ml CBD oil. Within five minutes all traces of a migraine were gone! This oil has changed my life!


Migraine Virtually Gone!

Migraines virtually gone! Hempworx CBD oil changed my life! So here is my story. I have been suffering with migraines since I was in first grade. I have recent headache logs saved in my phone for a Migraine Doctor and my General Physician. My logs show anywhere from 12­16 headaches, most of them migraines a month. After taking CBD oil 6 to 8 drops under my tongue in the morning and at night, I now only have 2­3 headaches a month!!!! and they are very mild and I am able to function and go back to work with in a few hours. In the past I would be out for a day or two with a migraine headache and not able to function. This my friend is life altering results for me! I have stopped taking 3 migraine medications and my anxiety pill.

Additional results are, I sleep more sound and virtually have no pain after going to the skatepark and skateboarding for hours. (age 45) The next day I wake up pain free where I used to have aches, pains and locked up! I also vape it when I get stressed. I have been studying CBD like crazy since I started taking it. Why didn’t I learn about this sooner? Have fantastic day!

~ Jerry


Migraines Since I Was 10 Years Old!

I’ve had migraines since I was 10 years old. Mine are the rare type that come with a severe aura. The pain is excruciating and the whole experience is very debilitating. The aura usually lasts over an hour (if I’m lucky enough to take my prescription at the onset) and the pain can last for days. I also have extreme sensitivity to noise and light.

Since starting HempWorx CBD oil in July, I have only had 2 migraines and they were both weather related. Not bad since I averaged 1 per week. Last night, I had a sudden full-blown migraine. I would usually take one of two prescription medications: Maxalt or Naproxen 500 mg, but decided to take only CBD oil to test the effect on my migraine. I took 20 drops of the 500 mg and a glass of water. The aura was full-blown with zigzags and severe pain behind my left eye. The pain on my forehead and temples became very intense. I decided to rub some of the HempWorx Relief pain cream on both areas as well.

Within 30 minutes (my daughter was checking for me), the aura had ceased and the pain behind my left eye was already dissipating. As I was lying in my dark room, I was aware that I had no nausea and that my temples were no longer throbbing. It was about a total of an hour and then I came downstairs to help my daughter get organized for school. My eyes were still sensitive but the pain had gone from a 9-10 to a 3-4! I was able to function and my daughter was shocked and very happy. She has witnessed her mother suffer through these headaches for years!

~ Simone


This HempWorx COMBO Saved Me!!

This combination stopped my migraine within 10 minutes of use! Normally my migraines are debilitating, cause nausea/vomiting, auras, sensitivity to light, sound and smell, and then I’m left extremely fatigued afterwards. I woke up yesterday with a migraine and instantly took my drops and used the relief cream and within 10 minutes the pain was gone and I got my energy back shortly there after. Thank you, HempWorx!

~ Mallory


Such A HUGE Difference In Our Lives!

My husband has suffered from debilitating headaches for at least 10 years now. He suffered many concussions thru the years due to dirt bike racing, he also has anxiety and depression that he has battled over the years. We have used chiropractors and TENS device in the past which have helped short term but nothing has helped long term. Using prescription migraine meds are his last option which we are grateful to have had access to. We bought our first bottle of 750 ml oil 2 weeks ago, he is taking about 7 drops morning and night (he has missed a dose here or there) but NOT 1 MIGRAINE not even a headache!!!

His anxiety is not gone but he is much more capable of controlling it AND he is acting like a kid again (not a sign of depression at ALL.) Our lives are very busy (3 kids, a business, school, kid activities, an infant!!) and this has made such a huge difference in our daily lives! So glad we found this product, works like a charm!

~ Megan


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What is CBD Oil?


  • CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring substance in commercial hemp/cannabis It is non­-psychoactive and is the most abundant cannabinoid found in marijuana. CBD oil contains large amounts of CBD.
  • Our CBD items and extracts are stemmed from commercial hemp, so they could be considered CBD rich hemp oil or ‘hemp extracts’, as they contain more compounds than just CBD.
  • The term ‘cannabis’ is a genus name, meaning that all types of cannabis and hemp are categorized under this
  • CBD Oil is legal in 50 states and ships to many countries worldwide

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