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CBD for Pets is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

“We spend more money on our dogs than we do ourselves. They bring so much joy to our lives, and we’d do anything to protect them.” ~ Josh and Jenna Zwagil, Hempworx Founders

The new Hempworx CBD for pets is a  Full Spectrum, Whole Hemp Extract, Pressed Hemp Seed Oil. Each bottle contains 250mg.

Hempworx CBD Retails for $39

Natural – Veterinarian Approved – Highest Quality Ingredients

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HempWorx CBD For Pets

250 MG CBD (Cat & Dog)

Place drops directly into pets mouth or mix into water or food.

5mg of active CBD per serving

Pressed hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids

Full spectrum CBD grown in Kentucky

Natural bacon flavour

Veterinarian formulated

Made in USA

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CBD Serving Size for Pets:


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HempWorx Instructions For Pets

Place drops directly into pet’s mouth (under tongue) or mix in water or food.

Recommended Serving Size Chart

Testimonies from Pet Owners:

HempWorx CBD for Pets with Cancer

Update on this little rascal!

Jake Dog HempWorx

"As you all know I have been giving him CBD in hopes of helping to improve his cancer. So the tumor that came out last week was sent off to the lab to compare with past tumors.

The news today is promising....my vet told me today while it is still mixosarcoma, there is much less mitosis going on - meaning the cells are not splitting like they were before. The tumor also had a complete different consistency - much softer where before it was hard.

Not expecting a miracle - just hoping for good results, so I can keep my Jakey boy around for years!!"

CBD Drops for Backward Sneezing in Dogs

"Just wanted to share my results on giving CBD drops to my pups. My oldest Pug, BosPug Dog HempWorxton Mix, usually gets backward sneezes a lot. Since he has been given the drops, he has yet to have one!

1 month strong! He has also calmed down a bit, along with his sister. They started with 2 drops per day and increased to 4.

PIPER has inflammation, kidney failure and arthritis.

Golden Retiever HempWorx CBD

"I feel comfortable testifying that this CBD was given to my 11 year old retriever 'Piper' 3 weeks ago, post leg surgery.

A little back story, she has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and was taken off arthritis and anti-inflammatory medications. It really slowed her healing down from surgery.

She wasn't recovering well, when we started the drops. After faithfully giving her 10 drops 2x daily, she is no longer limping and is running again.




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