HempWorx CBD Oil May Help With Discomfort

Let’s review testimonies from HempWorx CBD Oil 500mg and 750mg strength. How these products may help with discomfort!

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What is HempWorx CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is made from strains of cannabis that contain low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what makes marijuana psychoactive. CBD oil is high in cannabinoids, a group of phytochemicals found in cannabis plants.

Cannabis has been used all over the world for millennia to treat various illness and disease and in recent years the Western scientific significance of cannabinoids for human health has become more well­known.

With current research into CBD and its effects on the body, science has begun to discover all the ways in which these phytochemicals interact to fix our many ills.

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Testimonies from Customers that have used HempWorx CBD Oil For NeRVE DISCOMFORT

improved after taking HempWorx CBD OiL

I apologize in advance for the lengthy post but… I’m VERY SELDOM at a loss for words. Bare with me because I don’t even know how to explain this. I don’t share this with people because it’s embarrassing for me and I’d rather fake it and say I’m great! and attempt to push through it than feel humiliated and weak. Pushing through it usually ends up being an epic fail leaving me feeling depressed, hopeless and pissed off so basically at this point I’ll try ANYTHING that’ll help give me a NORMAL life. For almost a decade I’ve battled severe pain caused by degenerative disc disease (I’ve had neck/back surgeries replacing several levels of disc with my hip fragments and donor bone), swelling, joint discomfort, a nasty autoimmune disorder, in the past few months horrible sciatic nerve pain (which comes and goes).

ANYWAY… after almost 10 years of horrific pain, NUMEROUS misdiagnosis, failed treatment plans, an enormous amount of prescription drugs (most of which have a slew of individual fun side effects), seeing a ton of different doctors (and keep in mind, all this is costing me a fortune)… I have been PAIN FREE for FIVE DAYS!!!! It took right at a week for the CBD oil to get into my system good but I feel like a million dollars and I’m so happy! I’ve literally burst into tears a few times because I feel so amazing! If you’ve never had to live in pain you won’t understand this but if you DO have pain, please try this oil! Give it a full 2 weeks and use it religiously! It is life changing!!!! There’s no high nor euphoria just the medicinal benefits! I thank God I found out about this.

The Energy of a 20 Year Old

Suffering from the big D, my hands and feet have hurt for several years, barely surviving on handfuls of pain pills, and muscle relaxers. Starting my drops almost 2 months ago, I have not needed to rely on pills in almost 5 weeks, and I have the energy of a 20 year old. Previously, I had been living in Crocs to be able to even walk across the room, and now I can wear heels and walk barefoot all day. My sugars stay more level through the day, and I sleep so peacefully now.

Life Is Getting Better Day by Day

I have been using the HempWorx CBD Oil 500mg CBD twice a day now and my mind is clearing from the fog, walking in my apartment with no walker. Waking up refreshed, sleeping like a baby and have energy levels increasing daily. I am so excited with my results so far and am looking forward to more.

Discussed this with my doctor and he knows what I am using. He told me to continue doing what I am doing.

I am planning on a trip to Florida in December and my tickets say I need wheel chair assistance between flights… well my goal is to walk off that plane and into my family’s arms for hugs. Thrilled beyond hope, life is getting better day by day. Thanks to HempWorx!

Clear mind and no longer needs a walker to move around

Amazing beyond belief… I am 73 years old, but getting younger, even though numerous immune issues and balance issues to the point I must use a walker. I have been using HempWorx for a couple of months, but only used occasionally at first and did feel some progress.

DISCOMFORT from chemo gone with HempWorx CBD Oil!

I have been on the HempWorx CBD oil since July 1, and have had neuropathy pain in my feet from chemo since 2009. As long as I take a CBD oil, the pain is gone. Now I am able to walk the treadmill every day, increasing the amount of time I spend on the treadmill, starting to increase the speed, and now starting to increase the incline of the treadmill.

This would not be possible without the CBD oil. I have tried everything to get rid of this pain and nothing has worked. I am so grateful for this product!

No more stiffness and pain relieved with HempWorx CBD Oil!

I was diagnosed with tingling in my hands and feet. Well not any more. I explain to my husband it’s like my joints have been lubricated. No stiffness when I sit for a while and get up.

Severe nerve pain gone! Able to feel her legs and feet again!

Having suffered with severe nerve pain, my legs swelled so bad I had to use a walker. I also had other problems from the nerve damage as I couldn’t use the potty. Assuming I would end up with a catheter, but 2 months on the oil and I can go normal and the swelling is gone not to mention I can feel my feet and legs now!

People thought I was crazy calling them to tell them I FELT an ant crawl across my foot. Only those with similar problems can understand the joy I FELT at that ant. It’s not an overnight fix but if you stick with the oil you will amaze yourself and your doctors!

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Testimonies from Customers that have used HempWorx CBD Oil for Back/Neck DISCOMFORT

She’s had herniated disc for 6 years but FEELS BETTER

This stuff is AMAZING! I’ve had herniated discs for over 6 years and have had nerve blocker procedures to even be able to function. I still have nagging discomfort — it always seems to be there and I had learned to live with it, but with the CBD oil, it’s not there at all!
I’m just blown away! I feel like a new women! To get up in the morning and walk like a normal human being, not bent over; and not have to immediately hit the Tylenol to control the discomfort, is incredible! I absolutely LOVE this product!!

Increased range of motion

I’m 60 and have been experiencing lower back discomfort for the last few years. I figured it was a combination of golf, age, and join discomfort. My pain and limited mobility is most noticeable in the morning. I’ve been on the 500 oil for a couple of weeks. The discomfort has noticeably decreased and my range of movement in the morning is much better. My bottle of 750 should arrive shortly. I’m very pleased with the results.

relief from 9 herniated discs with HempWorx CBD Oil

I suffer from 9 herniated discs, multiple herniated discs in my Thoracic, Cervical and Lumbar spine. With chronic back discomfort on a daily basis, I have been using Hempworx CBD oil and my pain is basically gone. I have no chronic issues and this product is just unbelievable. No more clinging to pain killers that barely work. I highly recommend CBD oil!

mom got complete relief from her chronic back DISCOMFORT

My mom had chronic back discomfort, several surgeries, muscle relaxers, etc the whole thing! Yesterday she was really feeling it, I gave her a full dropper of 500mg, she realized a few hours later all her back pain was gone, and she felt a lot better!

Her fiance got relief from his DISCOMFORT!

I’ve only had my cbd oil since yesterday and I already know I’ve made a great purchase. I’ve taken it three time already. About 7 drops each time. I instantly noticed it helped with my anxiety feeling and has helped me focus! My fiance was very skeptical. He has chronic back discomfort and nothing ever helps. I gave him a half dropper of the 500. He said he honestly feels relief and it took the edge off!

So my back/hip is out again… Crazy thing is I have no more discomfort… Took my drops this morning and rubbed a couple drops on my back and I have NO DISCOMFORT!! Strange because I can tell it’s out when I’m walking crooked and one leg feels shorter lol… Normally this has me laid up in bed and using a walker… Not this time!! Sad thing is I was kinda hoping this would happen so I could actually see if it helped the pain!! I’m definitely amazed now!! I will never go without this oil again!!

Relief from degenerative discS, knee issues & MOOD DISORDER

I have degenerative disc disease in my neck as well as knee issues – no more pain!!
I used the 500 mg and I started out with 5 drops twice a day . A couple days later I went to 10 twice a day. Now I do 12 drops twice a day. I am so mellow. My mood and anxiety is better. My knee and neck discomfort is gone. Which I had lots of headaches due to my degenerative disk disease in my neck. No headaches now.

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HempWorx CBD Oil

HempWorx CBD Oil Products

Our CBD Herbal Drops have virtually ZERO THC, thus having no known side effects & making it safe to consume at any concentration.

  • High absorption sublingual delivery system Virtually Zero THC
  • Helps relieve discomfort
  • Improves overall health
  • Legal in all 50 States

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HempWorx Relief Pain Rub

A great complimentary product to CBD Oil. Use Relief along with CBD for pain treatment externally.

HempWorx Relief

Relief has virtually ZERO THC and will help you melt tension away! Relief helps to relax and sooth your muscles and is quickly absorbed through the skin. Hempworx relief can be the answer to your aches and pains with just applying it topically once a day!

  • Quickly Absorbed Through The Skin Virtually Zero THC
  • Melts Tension Away
  • Relaxes and Soothes Muscles


Testimonies from Customers that have used HempWorx Relief Icy Pain Rub

I put my back out the other day and right away I started using HempWorx Relief for the pain externally on my lower back. I also used the CBD oil orally. With a couple of days of using both products my back was 100% better!!

Another update on myself!! So I have had a tension head ache for almost a week!! And my husband rubes his relief cream on my neck and you guess what happen!??? Yes gone in like 5 minutes!!

I received my first order of Hempworx 500, Renew, Revive and Relief today. Within minutes of taking a few drops and using the Relief Cream on my neck and shoulders I had NO PAIN! Honestly, I didn’t know if it would work for me but I am SOOOO glad that I did. Amazing!

Knee Pain is Gone!

Well mother in law who is truly skeptical of everything other than what the doctors tell her just tried the Relief Pain Rub on her knee she’s had issues with for months with no help from pills due to sciatic nerve and after rubbing a dab on her knee within minutes she was going up and down the stairs in disbelief that her pain just went away like that in minutes! She did not want to try the drops cause she wanted to try only the cream first and I am so happy that I overheard her telling my son “I think my knee pain is gone”

I could see her flex her knee in disbelief and it made me smile inside knowing this lady NEVER believed in anything I suggested or gave her to try before.
When the mom in law approves it means I’m Winning!
Now all her friends will hear about this magical rub.

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