HempWorx CBD Oil & Uterine Fibroids

HempWorx CBD Oil appears to be may be a breakthrough treatment option for women with uterine fibroids.  This all­ natural, organic product is helping reduce uncomfortable symptoms and discomfort associated with uterine fibroids.

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Although many women have uterine fibroids, for most, the condition will never have a major impact on their daily lives. Unfortunately, some women face a very different reality. Although many women have uterine fibroids, for the majority, the condition most often does not have an impact on their lives. However, some suffer extreme discomfort.


Uterine fibroids are basically benign tumours

These tumours tend to grow along the wall of the uterus, usually having very little to no effect on a woman's health. In fact, many women who have these tumours, will never even know the difference. Only 1 in 500 appear cancerous and therefore never cause symptoms, due to their small size.

However, for the remaining few, many experience tremendous discomfort and seek natural alternatives. Some common complaints are heavy menstrual cycles, severe discomfort and cramping, bladder pressure and bloating.

Several women seek a organic, natural alternative to medications and surgical treatments to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms cause by uterine fibroids.  CBD oil appears to be helping many improve their quality of life.


Doctors speak out about CBD Oil

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