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Mood Disorders

I am skeptical by nature… But these drops are! amazing!

I owe you guys a big apology. I thought maybe you could be exaggerating a bit for sales. The testimonials, I thought maybe they could have been encouraged with free product or something. I am skeptical by nature and am leery of things that seem almost too good to be true.

But these drops are! amazing! I cut my opioid dose in half and on the second day, I took the one painkiller late. Because I didn’t really need it. I even took my evening drops late. Because I didn’t need them. I am considering going off this opioid completely tomorrow because I feel so good! My mood is amazing … I’ve been depressed since the day I was born I think, and have been on antidepressants for 19 years … I will be going off of those too … I am going to try very hard to ditch all the pharmas I am on because I do believe in this oil.

I cannot thank you two enough for bringing this product to my attention. This could be the start of a new life for me. God bless you guys at HempWorx."


Not anxious any longer! Had the best day ever!

Did my first drops last night and I’ve seriously had such a good day today! I woke up feeling rested and not anxious what-so-ever. I even had some very vivid dreams, so I don’t if that means I got a deeper sleep or what, but I’ll take it! I never dream anymore.

I was much calmer and patient today and just ENJOYED the day today… like it was a legitimate enjoyable day and I felt such genuine appreciation for the NOW. I’m blown away already by this HempWorx stuff because it’s bringing back who I KNOW I am.


Chronic Knee Pain Gone!

I’m in love with the CBD hemp oil. I’ve had chronic knee pain for 20 yrs from playing soccer in college and it’s GONE! I’m a HUGE fan and will be sharing my testimony to everyone. It’s a relief to finally have relief from not aching all the time ! I’m a believer! I have had 5 knee surgeries in my life and need 2 more… ( soccer goalie) Hempworx is the ONLY thing that’s given me relief from the constant aching pain. I’m a true believer in this product!


Mood Disorder

I don’t like being labeled so I don’t often speak about my mental differences.

Mood disorders are things I only learned about a few years ago even though my whole life I knew my mind was different than others. I have smoked marijuana since I have been 13 and that helped me but some days it gets my anxiety spiking.

Doctors prescribed me many different pills and I never found one that just made me feel ok and I hated swallowing them. I either was zombie, tired, couldn’t sleep and they were so strong it even affected my sex drive. I did quit medications two years now but my mood energy and anxiety still had spikes. Been using CBD oil drops from HempWorx 1 week now and I feel ALIVE HAPPY and even though lots of stressful family emergencies happened this week I was able to control my mood anxiety, I noticed my skin has improved and I sleep longer then ever before! Really satisfied!


Chronic Fatigue & Headaches

I don't take any prescription drugs because the side effects scare me. I only take Tylenol for my pain.
I have chronic fatigue, daily headaches, degenerative disc disease in my back with bulging disc in my neck that is pinching a nerve. I also have scoliosis in my back. I'm in constant pain everywhere plus I just feel bad all the time. I can't function without something for pain. I don't sleep well, waking up constantly because I hurt. Toss and turn with my hips, back and neck killing me! I can't walk or move without pain everywhere, I have to work my legs to even walk if I sit or lay too long because I get so stiff. I have daily headaches and feeling like crap. I may not look sick but I am.

I started the oil Dec 7th, 500mg bottle, 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops at bedtime. I've lost 8lbs, my appetite is decreased and no cravings! That's a welcomed surprise! I sleep so good, never waking more than once just to go to the bathroom. Nightly stiffness is much better, it's not keeping me awake! I get right out of bed, I don't have to work my legs before I can walk. My pain level has went from a 10 to 3/4! I'm not seeing a lot of energy increased yet but I have have really bad chronic fatigue and CBD is antifungal so I'm sure I'm still going through detox. That can make you tired too. It also takes time for your receptors in your body to activate completely. I'm not even up to a full dosage yet either. I haven't taken ANY Tylenol since begining Dec 7th!!

I haven't complained with my neck!! That was a daily struggle dealing with that!

So yesterday I received my sprays so I didn't take my oil so I could see how the sprays made me feel on their own. I didn't take it at bedtime either. Last night was a nightmare without it! I hurt so bad, I tossed and turned with everything hurting, couldn't sleep. I layed in bed for 2.5hrs before I finally fell asleep then tossed and turned all night. My hips gets so sore to the touch and I haven't had that for a month! Had to work my legs a little this morning, my pain is right back. I don't ever want to be without my oil!! That was a rough night! Everything hurts this morning.

To make it clear, this isn't a cure this is an alternative to dangerous, addictive painkillers! Maybe it does cure, who knows! I just haven't got there yet. 30 days is a little soon for that. lol... This stuff is amazing, it works!!!

I or anyone else can't convince you it works, you just have to try it for yourself. Try it risk free, they give a 30 day money back guareentee. What if it did help you?


Attention Disorder

Today makes 2 weeks taking the CBD oil. The results are unbelievable! He has severe attention disorder with some pretty violent and aggressive behaviors for those that don't know. He has not had a single angry episode and only a couple very mild aggressive episodes. That's huge! Before it was 4-5 a day if not more. He is now able to calm himself down if he gets upset. He still has some hyper moments, but he's not constantly bouncing off the walls. I mean what almost 8 year old boy isn't hyper at times? He is starting to be able to control those as well. He sleeps a solid 10+ hours without being up and down all night. He wakes up well rested and in a good mood.
He hasn't told me once in these two weeks that he wishes he wasn't alive. Do you know what it does to a mom to hear her little boy tell you that? It's the most awful feeling in the world! He also has some pretty serious constipation issues. I wasn't even expecting it to work for those, but he hasn't had to take those meds at all and he has good bowel movements every day. He also hasn't complained at all with his belly hurting. He eats. Like this child loves food again. I may be taking food donations for him?
He's happy!!
He's loving!!
He's my little boy that I knew was still in there somewhere!
I will update next week on how he does at school bc he starts back tomorrow.


Daily Migraines, Headaches

Our first testimony. we started the CBD oil a few weeks ago. my wife's DAILY migraines are almost completely gone! she was taking Excedrin migraine 4 to 6 times a day! after a week of oil she was taking 1 dose of Excedrin a day! She was very skeptical about the oil but now she's ecstatic about it! As for me, my severe painful bowel is tolerable now! my DDD and herniated discs are so much better now too! I was taking 6! yes 6 30mg IR Oxycodone a day now i only need 2 to 3! my depression and bipolar disorders are much better! I'm weaning off the physc meds! I told my wife this is our prayers answered but she was still skeptical. warning though: try not to run out of oil like we did! if you do, like we are at this very moment you'll see how much the oil actually works! we ordered 4 bottles a week ago but with the holidays its late. and we are watching the windows for the FEDEX truck! amazing natural medicine PERIOD! thanks.


Pet with Addison's Disease


Selle has Addison’s disease. Which means his adrenals are not working properly. So stressful situations harm his body.

He is on a small dose of prednisone, and a monthly dose of Percorten. Even with those meds something was missing and I knew I was going to have to figure out. His hair was thinning, became course, and turning colors. He just didn’t look good. He use to have a black, shiny, soft coat.

I was hesitant to try CBD because it lowers cortisol levels and his body was producing very little. However, I was watching his outward appearance get worse, which means something inside was still off. The vet said his coat quality was from hormonal issues.

Short story, I decided to take a chance and gave him three drops of the 250 pet oil in his food once a day, a week and a half ago. Two days ago I upped it to five drops once a day!

Look at the improvement!!!!! I’M A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!


Digestive System Problems

I have suffered for the last few years from constant digestive system problems. A few months ago I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus, and Crohn 's disease. The meds prescribed by my doctor helped a little but I still felt sick, depressed and didn't even feel like getting out of bed. I've been taking the 500 mg drops for about a week now. I'm sleeping better, the constant nausea is gone, the arthritis in my neck and hands is gone. This stuff is amazing. I can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. And I can't wait to share it with all my friends. This oil makes me feel 15 years younger.


Off my Nausea Meds!

I have been taking Zoran for 8 years now for nausea. Today I received my pure CBD oil from Hemp Worx and within seconds the nausea went away…literally…I am so happy I can leave the chemicals and side effects alone bc this products is pure hemp seed oil!!! Bye bye long term meds!


This CBD Oil Is A Life Saver!

After suffering from mood disorders my whole life, I am finally able to keep it under control and live my life. Not only am I happier, my moods have completely stabilized. I owe CBD al the the thanks, but HempWorx makes exceptionally pure products. 750mg for 89! That’s a great plus, plus they have BOGO deals. Five stars from me!


I am in LOVE with this CBD Oil!

I am in LOVE with the CBD oil! Day 5 and I feel awesome! Here is how it helped me: Heartburn – gone. Neuropathy pain – managed. Restless Leg Syndrome – haven't had symptoms in 3 days! Focus – increased. Motivation – increased. Mood – I feel so happy…nothing negative. This product rocks!


My Son Is Doing So Much Better!

I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the CBD oil. It has changed my son. I don’t have to remind him to take it because he knows it’s helping him. Thank you! I feel like I almost have my sweet boy back. You are a life saver because I didn’t know what I was going to do. He got bullied in school so he then started bullying kids and was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. They have no meds that can help for what he has but they wanted to try all kinds of meds on him. I kept telling them no but he was getting worse. Thank you again! Anonymous


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